Everyone is eager to hit jackpot, that’s why all the people are interested in playing games which offer high chance of winning. Craps, blackjack, poker: what casino game has the best odds to win for the player? This review would be helpful to those who play games not just for fun but for profit also.

What casino game has the best odds in the gambling world?

There is a plenty of games. Some of them stand out due to their profitability. The odds of winning depend a lot on the house edge and the RTP of the game.

Basic terms: the house edge and the RTP

. The house edge is the casinos’ guaranteed profit expressed as a percentage of the gamblers’ original bet. The normal house edge is 2-3 % maximum.

If you want to find out what casino game has the best odds for the player, you should understand what RTP is. This means the sum of money that gamblers get for each cent they spend. If the RTP of a slot machine is 98%, the slot will pay 98% of everything it took and 2% is a house edge that will be taken by the casino.

But still, what casino game has the best odds for the gambler and is less profitable for the house? The following list of the most profitable games would be helpful.

  • Craps (50%) is a game with no strategy, the chance of winning depends on the bet type.
  • Blackjack (49%) can be played with several few players at the table and is the perfect solution for those who want to know what casino game has the best odds.
  • European Roulette (48.70%) is a fast-paced game with various betting opportunities.
  • Sic Bo (48.61%) involves 3 dice and a lot of betting options for the player.
  • Baccarat (48%) – in this game you can gamble with both large and small bet.

Top slots with the best payout percentage

Slots are getting popular today due to the good chances to win. The main secret of success is to find a slot with a good payout.

What casino game has the best odds for the slots players and the highest RTP percentage?

  • Mega Joker (99%) – hit the lucky combination of fruit, stars, numbers and win money.
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas (98.63%) is an entertaining game with the perfect graphics. What game has the best odds in the casino? Definitely, this one.
  • Joker Strike (98.11%) – a multi-level game with a Hi Roller mode.
  • Blood Suckers (98%) is a popular game with the vampire theme.
  • Kings of Chicago (97.8%) is a five-payline slot combining the elements of classic poker with those of a video slot.