Each game has different chances and probabilities for success, therefore, in order to win significant amounts, you need to know which games winnings are the most and least likely. To help you quickly choose the slot machines in the casinos with the highest payouts, a list of them exists and the games with the best and worst odds of winning at a casino are highlighted, taking into account the advantages of the casino and the payout percentage.

Online casino games: betting and odds of winning at a casino

Before playing and getting to know the odds and probabilities of various gambling, it is important to understand two key terms: the casino advantage (profit) and the payout percentage.

What are the odds of winning at a casino? Any casino works for profit, and the concepts of casino advantage and payout percentage come to the fore here.

The advantage of casinos in the most popular games are:

  • Baccarat: 1.06% – an advantage for the dealer winning bet. 1.24% – bet on the player’s victory. 14.36% – bet on a draw;
  • Blackjack: depending on the rules of the game, the figure is from 0.28 to 0.43%;
  • Caribbean Stud Poker: 5.22% advantage;
  • CasinoWar: bets on winning 2.88%, bets on a draw – 19.31%;
  • Craps: Pass/Come bets – 1.41%; Don’tPass/Don’tCome bets are 1.36%, the AnyCraps bet is 11.11%, and any seven bets are 16.67%. The main bet is called “Pass Line”. It practically guarantees that all players, even beginners, will receive a small profit. During the development of the game you can use other types of bets and start earning more;
  • Let it Ride Poker: 3.51%, additional Pair Plus bet – 7.28%;
  • Roulette: for the European version – 2.7%, for the American – 5.26%.

Which casino games have great odds of winning at a casino?

If you want to win a substantial amount in a casino, you need to know which games provide the best chance of success. Most people are unaware that games with the best odds are table games of all kinds:

  1. Blackjack is also one of the best gambling in terms of payouts. The standard blackjack casino advantage is only 1% or even less, up to 0.13%. Knowing the strategy, you can get big wins. That is why this game has good odds of winning at a casino.
  2. Craps is in second place by odds to win, characterized by low casino profits and is able to bring good payouts. On average, the casino advantage in this game is approximately 1.2%, and in some casinos, it is equal to 0.6%. Craps may seem like a difficult game for beginners because of the many varieties of bets that can be made, but it is mastered quickly.
  3. The next game with good chances to win is the roulette. It brings good payouts and at the same time is a fairly simple game, so even novice players quickly master it.

Which online casino games have best odds of winning at a casino?

It’s difficult to find out casinos with the worst odds of winning, because for obvious reasons, many casinos do not want to disclose such information.

According to “Forbes”, two of the most popular games of chance with the worst chances are:

  • “Wheel of Fortune”. This game is also called the “Big Six Wheel”. The principle of the game is very simple: there is a large wheel with 54 segments, and any segment on which the wheel stops is a prize. A simple idea usually has extremely low odds of winning. The probability of winning is 54 to 1, because all segments have a price, and it is difficult to get a high payout. Moreover, the casino advantage starts from 11.2% and reaches 24.07%;
  • Slot machines. The odds of winning at a casino slot machine are extremely small. The chance to win the jackpot of 2400 tokens is 1 out of 262144, and if we are talking about the jackpot from $ 8 to 33 million – this is 1 chance out of 49836032. Therefore, it is more profitable for offline and online players to play board games, especially the three listed above – the chance to win is better, and the profit is greater.

Players do not have to independently derive formulas and calculate the probability of winning. Data for most games has long been calculated and verified in practice. If you want to win real money, choose a decent online casino and play games with high odds of winning.